How to pay off your mortgage early

pay off your mortgage

How to pay off your mortgage early

There is one side of buying a home that most people do not really think about during the process, and that is the mortgage payment. Buying a home is overwhelming, satisfying and one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Once you have taken a mortgage and bought a home, all you have left is clearing the mortgage loan.  To be honest, mortgage is a very stressful commitment and you will have to deal with the payments for several years. Clearing the mortgage early is super beneficial; it will not only guarantee you complete ownership of the property but will also save your time and money which you can use to make other financial investments.

Here is what you can do to complete the payments early

Take up a mortgage that you can afford to pay

Professionals have proved that most people who have prolonged mortgage payments usually have taken more mortgage than they can actually afford. Paying off the mortgage can be a burden mentally and financially when you have to clear them for more than 25 years.  While some people make a conscious decision to take on a bigger mortgage, other are simply take on the advice from a mortgage broker who approved their loans without considering factors like monthly commitments and future financial stability.

Try changing the payment plans

Poor payments plans can be exhausting and will drag you behind which will keep you from clearing the payments early. Seek some help from your mortgage lender for the purpose of clearing the loan faster.  Most brokers have a clear policy to change the payment plans for their clients if they prove they can afford it.  Brokers can change the plan from monthly to biweekly.  This means that you can make the payment twice in a month as opposed to one and you will automatically clear the mortgage earlier.

Avoid applying for a mortgage when you have impending loans and other debts

Before you purchase new property, always make it your first priority to clear all your financial commitments and debt payments. When you have too many commitments on your finances, it will be harder for you to clear all the mortgage payments fast.  Monthly commitments, including the mortgage can be overwhelming and can lead to stress and financial instability.  Take all the time you need to pay off other loans so that it can be easier for you to complete the mortgage payments in future. Without excess commitments on your salary, you will have enough money to clear the mortgage and even make some extra payments.

Choose to refinance

With the help of a legal professional and your mortgage broker, you can change the long term mortgage payments into a short term payment. Short term fixed rate payment method can reduce the interest rate on your mortgage payment plan and in the long-run reduce the amount and time you will be required to clear the mortgage payments.

Dedicate your extra money and profits into paying off the mortgage to clear it as early as you can. Without commitments like fees and loans, you can use the extra cash on the mortgage.  Lastly, you could always look into refinancing if needs be.