How to pay off your mortgage early

There is one side of buying a home that most people do not really think about during the process, and that is the mortgage payment. Buying a home is overwhelming, satisfying and one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Once you have taken a mortgage and bought a home, all you have left […]

How refinancing works

If you are looking to reduce your current monthly mortgage rate, convert your home equity into solid cash, switch your payment method to a fixed rate loan and reduce interest rate on your mortgage payment; then refinancing may be the best option. Before you make the conscious decision to refinance your mortgage, it is very […]

Frequently asked refinancing questions

Refinancing can make mortgage payment simple, cheap and fast. Before you make a decision to refinance, it is important that you take the time to look at your financial situation. If you are not able to refinance with the first try, you can always try again since the rates and programmes are constantly changing. Below […]

Drawbacks of refinancing your mortgage loan

Mortgage refinancing may be new to the market but has become very popular among home owners. Every time there is a considerably significant drop in the mortgage rates, lenders have to deal with endless refinancing applications. Simply, refinancing involves taking on a mortgage to clear your existing mortgage. The newer mortgage has better terms that […]

Benefits of refinancing your home mortgage

Everyone wants to have a home where they can retire with their family and live out an old age. Unfortunately, it’s not everybody than can afford to make a home purchase with upfront cash. Getting a mortgage has saved so many people the hustle of buying a home with their own money. Don’t get it […]